22 July 2019(Monday) It is very important for the different ethnicity to grow up in the community, especially for the children. Our group staffs, the staffs of the Social Concordance Development Fund Limited and H.K.S.K.H Lady MacLehose Centre took the children to the theme park. They took this opportunity to take a rest with their friends and our staffs also developed a close rapport with each other.

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24 March 2019 (Sun) In order to support the minority for equal educational opportunities and eliminate the racial discrimination, Hong Kong Unison held the charity hiking event on Mar 24. Our group staffs started in St. James’ Settlement to Wan Chai Gap Road playground. And also enjoyed the beauty of nature. The donation will be used to maintain the group daily operation and help ethnic minorities

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9 & 16 March 2019 (Sat) To support ethnic minorities, promote social integration. Our group held the two workshops (kaleidoscope and tie-dye) with Social Concordance Development Fund Limited and Link Centre. The children listened carefully to the teacher and finished their own things with their creativity.

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Man Keung Charity Fund had held a “Rice Dumpling Giving” event in Caritas Sha Tin Elderly Centre on 26th May 2017. We wished to bring the elder the atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Festival in advance. We also invited few artists, Miss Lemon Yip, Miss Rachel Chau, Mr. Brian Yuen, to be volunteers to celebrate their birthdays with elder whose birthday is in May. At the end of the event, they also did exercise together with the elder and all had smiles on their faces.

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It’s Mid-Autumn Festival again. This year Man Keung Charity Fund held a “Mid-Autumn Festival Workshop” with Wu Ki Lim Neighbourhood Elderly Centre. We not only wished to celebrate with the elder, but also wished to deliver the message of being environmental friendly by encouraging them to make something simple by themselves for their daily lives. Furthermore, the elder can build up friendship when they make together. We also invited Rachel Chau (Artist) and Brian Yuen (Artist) to be the volunteers of this event and they learnt together with the elder how to make an unique reusable bag.

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Man Keung Charity Fund has been supporting and showing our care to the weaks in the society. We also promote integration and to enhance an inclusive society. On 22nd May 2015, we cooperate with Hong Chi Oi Tung Hostel and Hong Chi Fanling Integrative Rehabilitation Complex and made a visit to Dodomites Bakery Company for learning how to make the bread and the fruit tarts. To celebrate Parents’ Day, we also invited the participants to come with their parents and celebrate together. We sang and exchanged gifts. On that day, Miss Rose Chan (Artist), Miss Rachel Chau and Mr. Kitson Shum were also there as volunteers and had fun with the participants.

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Man Keung Charity Fund wished to show care to elders so held a “Care-giving” event with Free Methodist Church Bradbury Chuk Yuen Social Service Centre for the Elderly. We, together with Miss Rose Chan (Artist) and Mr. Brian Yuen (Artist) took a group of elder to take part in this event. First of all, we went to Ho Sheung Heung to visit Hung To Bean Curd Factory. We can see the production procedures of Tofu Pudding and taste the traditional Tofu Pudding. After that, we took the elders to Hong Kong Railway Museum in Tai Po to recall their memories. For lunch, we went to have “Big Bowl Feast” in in Tin Hau Temple of Tai Shu HA in Yuen Long. Miss Rose Chan also gave a Wing Chun performance and everyone gave a big hand. After lunch, we went to Hang Heung Factory in Yuen Long which is a historical factory in Hong Kong. There are expertise explaining and demonstrating the procedures of production to the elders and elders can try the cakes for free. At the end, we gave every elder a “surprise grab bag” to let everyone feel being loved and cared.

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In order to improve the skills of application in daily life, we and Hong Kong Association of the Deaf held an event “Hong Kong 1 Day Tour”. We had been to Wong Tai Sin Ambulance Depot to learn more about First-Aid. We had also been to 3D Museum and took lots of interesting pictures. At the end, we went to barbeque. All of us had had a great tour.

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Man Keung Charity Fund held a “Sau Tau Kok Farm Family Fun Day” on 29th December 2013 as we hoped that the children with special learning disabilities can have fun together with their parents. Although it was very cold, we can still feel the love of family from the photos.

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In order to show our care and respect to elders, we held a Charity Vegetarian Banquet in Fung Ying Seen Koon on 27th – 31st of May 2013. We did send out many volunteers there to assist and organize the event. We would like thank those volunteers and the participants again here.

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